Online Classes


Online Classes are live Classes with Japanese instructors using Skype. Our experienced instructors and wide variety of Classes will help you, at all levels, pursue your goal. Purchase Online Class tickets and enjoy your class! (All lesson times are scheduled according to Japan local time) Private Classes are 45 minutes long to fit your busy schedule.

Classes Provided

eSUN related Courses (Blended learning)

A total of 5 Skype Online Class tickets per Step. These classes are based on eSUN. After completing a set of 5 Lessons of eSUN, the learner reserves one Online Class. The Online Class focuses on speaking in Japanese with a Japanese instructor using what was learned in the eSUN Lessons.

S-1: eSUN-Step 1 (Private)
25,000yen Packet B: 5 tickets
S-2: eSUN-Step 2 (Private)
25,000yen Packet B: 5 tickets
S-3: eSUN-Step 3 (Private)
25,000yen Packet B: 5 tickets
S-4: eSUN-Step 4 (Private)
25,000yen Packet B: 5 tickets

Business Japanese Courses

Business Japanese Courses are for users who have a firm understanding of Japanese, but wish to be able to use Japanese in a formal business situation.
※The textbook fee is included in the lesson fee (8 tickets packet). However, shipping fee will be added to those living abroad. In this case, please contact us ( before purchasing.

BJ-1: Business Japanese 1

\40,000 (Packet C: 8 tickets)

BJ-2: Business Japanese 2

\40,000 (Packet C: 8 tickets)

BJ-A: Business Japanese Advanced

\50,000 (Packet D: 10 tickets)


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Skype Information

We use Skype for our online classes.
Please make sure to use Skype with your PC. Skype from mobile tablets, such as iPads, iPhones and other devices running Android, often encounters connection problems. For this reason we do not support use of such devices.
Also, please be sure to check the below settings of your PC before purchasing your online class tickets.


Install Skype

If you do not have Skype installed on your PC yet, please download and install Skype from the link below. Install Skype

What to prepare beforehand

Please prepare a headset and web camera.
PC settings
In order to take online classes using Skype, your PC settings need to meet the following conditions. Please note that you will not be able to take online classes with a PC that does not meet these conditions. So, be careful.
●PC specifications


●Connection speed


Check PC access speed now

Registration Flow

Purchase Class Tickets Purchase Class tickets now.
Book a Date Booking an Online Class is fast and easy
  • All lesson times are scheduled according to Japan local time. Please be careful about the time difference when you make your lesson reservations.
  • Please make sure to purchase and read through the textbook for your class before booking a date.
Confirm the Class Confirm your class details. (Instructor, Date, Time, Course etc.)
Take the Class When it is time for your class, your instructor will Skype you. Please enjoy using Japanese with your instructor!!

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Cancelation Policy

Cancellations can be made online. These cancellations must be made 24 hours before your reservation time.
Please note: Any cancellations made within 24 hours of the class start time will be counted as a SUDDEN CANCELATION and you will be charged for the class.
If you are late for class, the instructor will wait for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes this class will be counted as a SUDDEN CANCELATION.

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Private Classes: 1 ticket per Class.
※All tickets are valid for 180 days after being purchased.

Packet A:Online class tickets 1 5,000 yen
Packet B:Online class tickets 5 25,000 yen
Packet C:Online class tickets 8 40,000 yen
Packet D:Online class tickets 10 50,000 yen

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