Daily Yomiuri Archives:Japanese in Depth

Why Study Japanese?
  Language is essentially sound
Funny pronunciation no joke
  Precise Japanese offers 2,000 shades of I Am a Cat
Japanese mind-set in greetings
  'Love' in the Japanese way
Proxemics: close or distant
  'Joshi', Japanese particles-Part1
Sentiment wrapped in grammar
  Omitting the decision-maker
The world is; therefore, I am
  Loanwords in Japanese
Status of Imperial family predates nation itself
  Is it an adjective or a noun?
More 'inscrutable' particles
  Speaking freely vs 'the rules'
Letters that produce sound
  Why is 'one' so special? The mystery of singular or plural
Despite styles of speech, Japanese is gender neutral
  The perils of feminine Japanese
No language 'better' than others
  New actions, new words
'Ni' and 'de': Japanese particles
  To 'ni' or not to 'ni', 'when?' is the question
Japanese: Easy or difficult?
  D for derogation?
The three-tier vocabulary
  Thinking about 'omou'
Japanese theory of relativity
  Ambiguity in all languages
The evolution of language
  Making sense of sentence-particles
Misuse or evolution?
  The 'impossibility' of translation
Fabric of the Japanese mindset
  Man and nature-a Japanese view
Language and the expression of psychological states
  Mind-sets in language
  All about the particle 'to'
The subtlety, variety of 'no'
  Language as sound, noise
Counting the uncountable
  Why Japanese look subdued?
The essence of politeness
  Japanese polite language
Making sense of 'san'
  Are there double standards in handling foreign names?
Government 'of' the people
  Roots of language still active
Live to communicate!
  Spicing up your vocabulary
Giving and receiving, and more
  I speak, therefore I am gendered
'Bad words' vs harsh grammar
  Expressing shades of gray
Advantages of incorporating Chinese
  The secret of √2
'Opening' the New Year
  Dozo yoroshiku
Japanese imbued with English
  What I like about 'suki'
Should I come or should I go?
  Humble-polite language-whose place is it anyway?
The politeness competition
  And the world follows suit...
Seasonal sounds: Music or mere noise?
  You ordered past tense, sir?
More usages that get under people's skin
  Speech and responsibility
Language as a living culture