About e-learning courses

What is the difference between eSUN and eSUN-Yomikaki and eSUN-Biz?
The eSUN course is for acquiring Japanese communication competence through learning listening & speaking skills as well as understanding the mechanics and mindsets of the language. The eSUN-Yomikaki course is for studying the Japanese writing system. The eSUN-Biz course is for studying business Japanese through 3D-animation videos and carefully designed exercises.
Do I have to take Online classes with eSUN?
No, you do not have to take Online Classes with eSUN. It is an option. But we have added this option because we have received many requests from previous eSUN users who wish to have live Online Classes that are based on eSUN. We strongly recommend and we believe it is very beneficial that you take Online Classes together with eSUN.
I could not complete an eSUN Level and I want to continue.
Since you already have an eSUN account you need to login first before purchasing the same course.
In order to do so, please follow the steps below.
Step 1. Login to Step Up Nihongo using your current Login ID and PW.
Step 2. Click on the “Purchase” on the top of the screen.
Step 3. Follow the purchasing process.
Do I need a head set with a microphone to study?
e-learning courses provide many speaking opportunities. It is best to use a headset with a microphone.
I don’t know which Level of eSUN to begin with?
Please use the Level Check tool to determine your level before you decide to purchase.

Level Check tool

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About Online classes

How long are the Classes?
Private classes are 45 minutes long.
What is a Sudden Cancel?
A SUDDEN CANCEL is when you cancel a scheduled Online Class within 24 hours of the Class start time or if you do not take the scheduled Class. In this case, you will lose the ticket(s) worth for this class.
Do I have to take eSUN to have online classes?
This depends on your Japanese level. The e-learning course eSUN is a great course to steadily build a strong foundation of Japanese. The Online Classes are a supplementary for you to actually use what you have learnt in eSUN. Doing so, you can become more confident in speaking Japanese.
If you already have a good foundation and you have specific goals please choose an Online Class course that would meet your needs. Our specialized instructors from all sorts of backgrounds, will support you to pursue your goals.
Who are the instructors?

Our instructors are all native Japanese speakers and many have passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test or have taken 420 hours Japanese Teacher Training. They are all well trained to offer you the best Japanese classes.

Meet the Instructors
Do I need a head set with a microphone to take Online Classes?
Yes, this will be necessary.
I don’t have a web camera.
You will need a web camera to take Online Classes.
Can I use a different video system other than Skype?
We currently only use Skype. You can install Skype from the link below.

Install Skype

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Technical Problems

Do I need to install additional software?
For using eSUN

Your computer's web-browser must have the Flash plug-in installed.
You can download the latest Flash plug-in here if needed:

For using eSUN-Biz

Your computer's web-browser must have MatrixEngine plug-in installed. (Only runs on Internet Explorer)

For Online Classes

You must install SKYPE in order to take the Online Classes.
Your can install SKYPE from below if needed:

Install Skype
I don’t have high speed web connection.
You must have ADSL connection (500Kbps) or greater. Please run the Diagnostics wizard to check your web connection speed.
Diagnostics wizard
Check Access speed
I cannot record my voice.
Please check the List below.

Check List (PDF)

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How to Login

I cannot log in.
First please reopen your web browser and access www.stepupnihongo.com
Please type in your ID and PW. In many occasions the letters “o” “2” are mistaken as the numbers “0” and “z”. If you still have problems please send an email to our support team.

I forgot my password.
If you have forgotten your PW, please click on “I forgot my password” in the Login page and fill in the necessary items. Once submitted, you will be able to login with your newly created password.

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How do I receive my eSUN certificate?
You will receive your certificate by postal mail. Please be patient for its arrival. It may take about one month after completing the Level.
Can I change the Level of eSUN after I purchased?
Once you have purchased a certain Level of eSUN, it cannot be changed so please view the Points of Study and also take the Level Check tool to make sure which Level to begin with.
Do I get a refund if I complete the course before the time limit?
Sorry, but we do not provide refunds.

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