eSUN-Biz is an e-Learning course for advanced level learners who wish to learn about Japanese business situations.
In eSUN-Biz you are Daniel Chen, an employee in a Japanese trading company Fuji Shoji. You are assigned to the Tokyo Head Office for a one year “On the Job Training”. You will be experiencing 3 different departments in Fuji Shoji.
At the beginning of each Lesson there is an Initial Test (初期テスト) from which the results will be recorded.
Also, at the end of each Lesson there is a Final Test (最終テスト) where you can compare the initial test scores when you began the Lesson to when you have completed the Lesson.

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 基本会話 (Dialog) 

All the videos in the Dialog use latest 3D technology and you as Daniel Chen will be experiencing each department with your eyes.
  • Script will progressively change color according to the spoken dialog like a Karoake machine.
  • Script can be printed out together with Rubi.
  •  語彙 (Vocabulary) 

    All the vocabulary used in the Dialog section is introduced with explanations. There are also two vocabulary games to help memorize the vocabulary.

     クイズ (Quiz) 

    Here you learn and expand instrumental and implicative words and expressions by choosing an “odd one out”.

     ロールプレイ (Role Play) 

    Here you choose a role you would like to play and practice speaking the role you chose.

     ディクテーション (Dictation) 

    Here you challenge your listening and typing skills by listening to the audio and typing it in the box below as fast as you can.

     要点の整理 (Sum up) 

    Here you organize your understanding of the Dialog by typing in the answers to each question.

     解説と課題 (Tip and Task) 

    Here there are explanations and tips related to the Dialog to help you understand Japanese business culture.
    Also, there is a Task where you must complete a whole sentence by filling in the blanks by choosing the correct words.

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    Software install

    In order to view eSUN-Biz, you need to install Matrix Engine.
    Please note that Matrix Engine runs only on Internet Explorer.

    To install Matrix Engine click here.

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